Hello! Hallo! Bonjour! I’m Brittany, one half of the awesome travel team that makes up Earthly Roams. A little about me: I’m an Air Force veteran with 7 years of service as a Logistics Officer and experience in protocol, I majored in French at Kent State University, and I have an M.S. in Management from Liberty University. Hobbies include reading, occasionally jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, and of course, traveling and seeing as much of this world as I can!

This whole, crazy travel business idea started when Mandy and I were stationed together in northern Italy. We were so lucky to have the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and Africa during our time there, and went on so many life-changing trips! In fact, we were the go-to planners within our group of friends for all things travel related. It’s in our blood!  The evolution of Earthly Roams began during our Thanksgiving Loire Valley trip—it was truly a memorable experience that led us to think we could plan experiences for more than just ourselves!  Looking back over that amazing time in our lives, we decided to take our passion for travel, combine it with our personal experiences, and offer the same opportunities to you!



Jambo!  Hi!  I’m Mandy to some/Mando to others, and I'm the other half of Earthly Roams!  I’m also an Air Force veteran with 10 years’ experience as a Logistics Officer.  I studied Exercise Science at Indiana University, and I have a MBA from Trident University International.  My amazing husband and I have a “crazy-pants” year and a half old son and two equally wacky dogs, so naturally, my hobbies include spending time with my family, hiking, experimenting with triathlons, and exploring the world!  My passions, aside from traveling are learning about wine, elephant and rhino conservation, and collecting reusable bags (I never seem to have one on me when I need it!).

Growing up in rural Indiana, I had always dreamed of traveling the world.  The Air Force made that dream a reality in 2009 when I got my assignment to Ramstein, Germany and as they say, the rest was history!  In total, I lived in Germany for 2 years and Italy for 2 more with countless travels through Europe, Africa, and the Middle East sprinkled throughout.  Together, Brittany and I provide first-hand knowledge gained from living with the locals and experiencing daily life abroad!