What is a travel consultant? How is it any different from a travel agent?

As Travel Consultants, our services go beyond a typical travel agency--we work with our clients on a personal level to design travels that meet their desires and tastes.  After our initial consultation, we'll do all the research to select the best locations, accommodations, methods of transit, personalized tours, and more to provide the perfect personal touch to your vacation.

Why should I use a travel consultant at all? I can just plan it myself!

Vacation time is precious and limited, and you want to be able to enjoy it! With the busy world we live in today, taking the time to plan the logistics of travel can be very time consuming and stressful. Once you contact us, you can let that stress go, and we will take care of everything for you! With our personal experience, connections, and expertise, we can provide you a service that you won't receive at a normal travel agency.

How much does it cost to work with a travel consultant?

At Earthly Roams, we want to build the best possible vacation for you according to your tastes and preferences. We do not believe in basing your travel plans around the best commission, so you do not need to worry that we are trying to push certain packages on you to earn a higher cut. We operate based on a consulting fee, so that we can plan the best possible experience according to what fits you and your lifestyle. As each vacation can vary vastly from one to the other, we do not charge a flat fee. Please contact us to start discussing your ideas and we can give you a quote!

Why use Earthly Roams for Corporate Travel?

We have a combined total of 16 years of logistics planning experience moving personnel and equipment all over the world.  We have both planned and led large teams on business trips for the military, to include travels to the African continent.  We'd love to bring our personalized services to your corporation and make your next business trip unique and fun!